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The Memory Consitency Model

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In this lesson, we discover the memory consistency model while focusing on issues relevant for programmers, especially when programming concurrent applications.Speaker: Tudor DAVIDEditor: El Mahdi EL MHAMDI

Diffie – Hellman key exchange

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In communications security, the Diffie-Hellman key exchange, which is the topic of this lesson, is a widely used method for creating symmetric keys. Speaker: Jean GOUBAULT-LARREC Editor: El Mahdi EL MHAMDI

Cache coherence in modern multicores

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This video contains a short introduction to cache-coherence protocols. We first describe why we need cache cohere and then explain how coherence is implemented at a high level.Speaker: Vasileios TRIGONAKISEditor: El M...

Reversibility of light induced degradation in amorphous silicon (trough a-Si:H/c-Si interface)

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This video is based on an article published in Applied Physics Letters in 2014 and an oral presentation made at the 2013 http://cms2013.silicon...

Memory hierarchy in current multicores

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This lesson tackles the memory hierarchy in concurrent multicores, with a focus on implementation issues. Speaker: Tudor DAVID Editor: El Mahdi EL MHAMDI

Safety and Liveness Properties in Distributed Algorithms

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In this lesson, we give a short overview of liveness and safety properties of distributed systems and their trade-offs.Speaker: Victor BUSHKOVEditor: El Mahdi EL MHAMDI

How to write a bad research paper ?

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This lesson highlights 7 commons errors that typically cause the rejection of scientific papers from conferences and journals.  Speaker: Rachid GUERRAOUI.

Symmetry – Magnetic Vs Electric Field

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In this video, the difference of behaviour towards symmetries between electric and magnetic fields is explained. This leads to practical simplifications when dealing with highly symmetric charge distributions or curre...

Bolzano Weierstrass theorem – Rising sun proof

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Bolzano-Weierstrass is a fundamental theorem in analysis, stating that we can extract a convergent subsequence from any bounded sequence. It is proven in this lesson using a sun shining in the horizon. Speaker: El Ma...

Trojan Message Vulnerabilities in Distributed Systems

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This video summarises the results of the ASPLOS'14 paper "Finding Trojan Message Vulnerabilities in Distributed Systems", authored by Radu Banabic (speaker in the video), Prof. George Candea, and Prof. Rachid Guerraou...

Dynamic Distributed Hash Tables

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In this video, we discover dynamics in distributed hash tables, in particular, insertion and removing of a node. Speaker: Anne-Marie KERMARREC.

Electric field of an infinite plane with Gauss theorem

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With few calculations, we can compute the electric field thanks to symmetries and Gauss law, this is illustrated here where we avoid the calculation of the electric field with infinite integrals. Speaker: El Mahdi EL...

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